Friends of Trelawny Association

Who We Are


The Friends of Trelawny Association (FOTA) was formally established and incorporated in 2001in the State of New York, USA as a tax-exempt, not-for-profit voluntary, charitable organization.

It consists mainly of citizens and friends of the Trelawny Jamaican Diaspora. The organization is based in New York City and coordinates the Annual Trelawny Reunion Week in New York.

FOTA believes in working together to make a positive difference in our community at home and abroad.

For the past 34 years, founding members have organized the annual memorial weekend Trelawny Reunion Celebrations and other fundraising events in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan areas, which serve to generate revenues, donations, and resources for our organization. The organization consists of approximately 80 dues- paying members and volunteers all over the world, all of whom have a deep desire to see improvements in the parish of Trelawny.

FOTA is independent of any governmental/political ideology or religious affiliation. Its work is guided by the common desire of its members and supporters to find ways of contributing to the development of the people of Trelawny, as well as to find practical solutions to social and economic problems of the parish, in the spirit of generosity and respect. FOTA promotes an unselfish commitment to ‘STAY CONNECTED’ to our culture and our heritage.


Ralston Roberts


Norman Goburn


Carl Brissett


Norman Hanson

Asst. Secretary

Ferdie Bright

Vice President

Jennifer Noble

Asst. Treasurer

Eileen Dunkley
RoseAnn Green

Public Relations

Alman Clarke
Vinnette Lemonius - Secretary

Our Mission

In order to achieve the above, FOTA aims at the following:

  • To develop, maintain and promote issues related to social and economic activities in the parish of Trelawny.
  • To provide assistance to local organizations which are working on developmental issues relevant to FOTA's objective for Trelawny.
  • To engage in activities that will promote the objectives of the organization.
  • To work in concert with related organizations worldwide in building collaborative strategies to identify and address Trelawny's most essential issues.
  • To deliver efficient, effective and rewarding ways to give time, talent and money.

Friends of Trelawny Association

187-31 Linden Boulevard
Saint Albans, NY 11412

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