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Which Falmouth?

The town of Falmouth, Jamaica shares its name with quite an illustrious collection of towns located all over the world. Their common link seem to be earlier British settlers who had some kind of association with the British sea port town of Falmouth in Cornwall, England.

Falmouth in England, famous for its deep-water harbour, quite possibly the third deepest in the world, has been the traditional gateway to the Atlantic from Britain. It has retained its importance as a cargo port with boat building and dry dock facilities, and more recently, the economic development has been geared to the improvement of its maritime tradition into modern recreational facilities for tourism.

Most of these Falmouth towns were established in the 1600's and had a signature port.

Import/export of agricultural produce or fishing were then the main economic activity. Most modern day towns have shifted their focus to more leisurely activities and are now popular holiday destinations accommodating cruise ships, yatchs, ferries and other pleasure trips.

  • Falmouth,England (1613)
  • Falmouth, Antigua,Barbuda (1632)
  • Falmouth, Kentucky (1700s)
  • Falmouth, Massachusetts (1660)
  • Falmouth, Maine (1658)
  • Falmouth, Tasmania
  • Falmouth, Virginia (1728)
  • Falmouth, Nova Scotia (1685)
  • Falmouth, Jamaica (1769)
  • Falmouth, Pennsylvania
  • Falmouth, Florida
  • Falmouth, Illinois
  • Falmouth, Michigan
  • Falmouth, Indiana
Falmouth, Jamaica
Falmouth, England
Falmouth, Antigua