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Reclaim Mangrove Forrests

INTERNATIONALLY, mangroves are valued anywhere between US$200,000 and US$900,000 per hectare per year, but Jamaica is having a hard time capitalizing on the income, largely because it has sold much of the resource to private landholders.

As such, head of the Centre for Marine Sciences at The University of the West Indies (The UWI) Dr Mona Webber is advocating a government buy-back of mangrove-bearing lands that would have been sold for development projects.

“We sold a lot of those lands on the north coast and elsewhere...I suggest to the Government and NEPA that we buy them back.
Kimone Thompson-The Jamaican Observer

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Did You Know

Cockpit Country

A large part of Trelawny, a remote, rugged tropical forest known as the Cockpit Country,remains largely inaccessible. It has been designated a world heritage site by the UN, and was the first site selected by the USAID for its Parks in Peril Program in the year 2000. The Cockpit Country is an area of outstanding ecological and cultural significance. It contains a vast number of endemic plant and animal species.

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Famous Parish

Usain Bolt joins the immortals

"Usain," the question came, "you spoke a lot about how you wanted to become a legend. But what should we call you now?" Bolt paused, thought on it for a while. "Well," he said, "someone said at a press conference last year that if I win these three gold medals, I will be immortal. And I kind of liked it. So I’m going to run with that: immortal."

Bolt may be racing the other athletes, but he is not measuring himself against them. "I am trying to be one of the greatest," he said,...

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